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Maybe I am missing something…. but is there no way to view all questions that I have asked in the past to check back on answers etc?

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Peter Connor Staff April 9, 2015

Hi Richie,
We had looked at launching the community site with that feature included but decided to wait till the community was big enough. 
Is there something in particular you’re looking for I can find?

  1. richie April 9, 2015
    I found what I was looking for, 8 pages back.

    Might be something to relook at. It would seem intuitive to be able to click on your name / profile picture to be able to see all questions and answers by the person. Not a full profile needed... just the basics.
  2. Peter Connor April 9, 2015
    Yep couldn't agree more, we've just added oauth to our servers as part of our drive to build out Bullet and the community.

    We also ready see a strong network effect in our companies, but they're hidden in the accounts product. On average every company is connected at least 3-5 times to each other company.

    What would you look for to help build the small biz community so it stood out from the sales pitch crap?
  3. richie April 9, 2015
    What would I look for to build out the "help community" here or do you mean all the people who currently use the accounts package?
  4. Peter Connor April 9, 2015
    Both, maybe the help community stays just accounts help. Maybe not. Maybe it's about helping you get your company up, or drive more sales. How would you like to see it go.
  5. richie April 9, 2015
    I get you now... you mean to use this for more than just a technical support for the service.

    To be honest, I would prob keep it to technical support... for now at least. If people have a tax or accounting questions, they will more than likely google it or head to Once they know what they have to do... then then may come here to ask how to implement that.

    Keep it simple first, make sure people know how to use and operate bullet first before expanding. You don't get a rules of the road manual when you buy a new car.

    Occasional reminders about tax deadlines ( self assmentment)... news etc would be ok.
  6. Peter Connor April 9, 2015
    Why, say would you go to Boards and not Bullet for those answers?
  7. richie April 9, 2015
    Its just not the first place I think of for tax advice. It is still new enough and the reputation is not there yet I reckon. If you do go down that role of offering tax and accounting advice.... are you opening up a can of worms?

    Devils Advocate..... you have an Accountant giving out advice ( free or an paid additional service)... some one takes the advice and either the advice is wrong or they mis-read it. Get themselves an audit and or huge tax bill and end up blaming Bullet for shity advice.

    Perhaps having like a proper accountant have a monthly Q&A or something, or just regular general articles as apposed to in depth. Keep it targeted to those like me who prob know very little about accounting, only what they need to know.
  8. Peter Connor April 9, 2015
    Good points, I don't think we'd offer tax advice. It limits us to Ireland and we're not accountants.

    But, we have a tone of startups on Bullet, each of whom I mail. They all have tons of questions any community site I see is just full of people selling stuff.

    So the idea we were thing would be to just answer those questions but in a public domain so everyone can learn. Like we do with Bullet. You ask a question about XYZ in Bullet but everyone can see and learn from that answer.


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