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I have received a payment by electronic transfer for an amount of €36.90 into my bank account. I know this is payment for a sales invoice. There is no identifying information on my bank statement, only some long reference number. Can I search Bullet for an exact amount like 36.90 to find the client.

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Peter Connor Staff January 27, 2015

Hi C,
So you can’t search for invoice amounts in our invoice search form. But, you can do the following.
Go to Invoice Overview
Click on the Due tab
At the bottom click View All
On your keyboard click Ctrl F (to find) and enter the amount in this example I looked for €168.99
It will run through all the invoices due that have the mount €168.99
Some banks add fees or lump multiple payments in, we’re working with Realex Fire to try and fix this problem for good. 
* You can also export all your invoices into Excel and search for them that way. We’ll look at make the search better. 

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