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Peter Connor Staff October 18, 2015

Well that depends on what you want to do, you still need to keep them for Revenue. 
So your options are. 

Keep everything on Bullet. 
Keep 2014-15 on Bullet. 
We always tell people to just keep their accounts there, you need to keep them for 7 years. 
Our soletrader account is pretty much a personal accounting product.

  1. Peter Connor October 18, 2015
    All Revenue are interested in is does your bank account(s) match your accounts.
  2. Peter Connor October 18, 2015
    On your limited/sole trader account question. There is no way to merge or migrate those backends. Sole trader accounts is completely different to Limited company accounts.
  3. iamtomodea October 18, 2015
    I was thinking to start from 2014 in bullet.
  4. iamtomodea October 18, 2015
    So if I need to start again for the soletrader I suppose I'll just start that in 2014 and dump the other?
  5. iamtomodea October 18, 2015
    Does that seem like it makies sense
  6. iamtomodea October 18, 2015
    Also, can I link paye work into bullet?
  7. iamtomodea October 18, 2015
    I still do quite a bit of this.
  8. Peter Connor October 18, 2015
    Well you can start from when ever. The simplest thing to start from your last year end. Don't dump any information though.
    If you want start fresh you can just create a new account in Bullet. You'll see at login you're ask Sole Trader / Limited Company.
    If your a Limited company you can use payroll and we automate all your mid year taxes "P45, P60, P35, P35L & VAT3".
    As a sole trader you don't pay PAYE during the year just at the end of the year, your accountant can do that for you. We don't do year ends, I'm affraid.

    But, I know a product called Turbo tax is coming, which will.
  9. iamtomodea October 18, 2015
    The issue with the PAYE thing is that I also work as a PAYE employee, so when I gfile for income tax at the end of the year I also (actually ROS now does it semi-automatically) add in details of the wages I received and PAYE,PRSI and USC deducted at source by my employer. It has a fairly big impact on the liability or otherwise to revenue
  10. iamtomodea October 18, 2015
    I tried to set up a new account earlier, and it said this email is already in use. Is it possible to have both a sole trader and company accoutn at the same address
  11. Peter Connor October 18, 2015
    Ah makes sense.
    We're a full double entry system. So you're accountant will be able to instruct you on how to use our Journal Entries to add that PAYE data in. If you don't have an account we can recommend one.
    The "account/email" database is the one. This is so you can access both accounts from the one email.
    If you sign-up with a new email you can link the Bullet Accounts together using our Multi User app. Then you'll be able to jump between the two.

  12. iamtomodea October 18, 2015
    Okay. I guess i don't really need the company account though. Is there anyway to just delete this, so I just have the sole trader account? I have all the relevant account data stored elsewhere.
  13. Peter Connor October 18, 2015
    Sorry for the delay.
    Sure, just give me the following
    email address of the account to be deleted.
    company name of the account to be deleted.
  14. iamtomodea October 18, 2015
    no wories. iamtomodea@gmail.com is the email.
  15. iamtomodea October 18, 2015
    Tom O'Dea is the company name
  16. iamtomodea October 18, 2015
    let me know when you're done and i'll reregister as a soletrader
  17. iamtomodea October 18, 2015
    thanks a million for the help, I really appreciate it.
  18. Peter Connor October 18, 2015
    Cool. Any time.
    Remember just make your bank account match Bullet. :)
    Well take care of the rest.
  19. iamtomodea October 18, 2015
    Cool. Thanks

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