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Hi guys,
I am thinking of changing banks, and was wondering if I can import Credit Card transactions from Ulster Bank Business Internet Banking directly without the need to chop and change the downloaded file – which I currently need to do for AIB.
Thanks, Richard

  1. Peter Connor March 10, 2015
    Hi Z,

    I'm just waiting to hear back from U.Bank give me a couple.

  2. Peter Connor March 10, 2015
    Hi Z,

    UB are going to get back to me tomorrow. I'll update the answer then.

  3. Peter Connor March 11, 2015
    Followed up again Z, still know answer!

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Peter Connor Staff March 11, 2015

Hi Richard, Here is the feedback from Ulster Bank  

@bullethq Really sorry for the delay, unfortunately this is not something we offer. LB
— Ulster Bank Help (@UlsterBank_Help) March 11, 2015

  Ulster Bank provide an .CSV or .OUT file we can. I’m having a look at our bank rec and as you can see below we accept the Ulster Bank current & business account. So you’ll have to follow the same work around that we created to fix this problem.

UlsterBank Credit Card Export

UlsterBank Credit Card Export


  1. Zconcept March 11, 2015
    Thanks Pete, disappointing but not unexpected if you know what I mean.......time for some IT investment form our banking friends :-)

    Regards, Richard
  2. Peter Connor March 12, 2015
    Hi Richard,

    Indeed, sadly I think it's more about the consumer. UK banks came into Ireland and left cause nobody moved over, but everybody gave out about the Irish banks.

    Easier to spend money on campaigns then then on something of value.


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