When would i use Add a Manual Journal Entry?

When would i use Add a Manual Journal Entry – Free Online Small Business Accounting Software Questions & Answers

For what kind of transaction would a i Add a Manual Journal Entry?

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Peter Connor Staff August 12, 2015

Hi Fiona, 

Manual Journal Entries are what are used to build your accounts. We’ve built a big layer of software on top of them so you never have to use them. 
But, sometimes accountants or bookkeepers will need to bypass our workflows, so we allow people to access them. 
It’s best not to use them unless you understand double entry accounts 🙂

  1. fionamcguire August 12, 2015
    Thanks Pete, I will be staying well away from them so. :)
  2. Peter Connor August 12, 2015
    So do I !

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