Why is a Credit Note value included in invoices due?

I created a credit note for a client and the value is appearing in the total amount due on the invoice overview page.
I would expect the overall value to be adjusted down to reflect the Credit Note?
Brendan Dunne.

  1. Peter Connor January 12, 2015
    Hi Brendan,

    Did you adjust the value of the credit note, or is it for the total value of the invoice?

  2. Hi Pete, I wasn't crediting against an invoice, I was issuing a credit reletive to accumulated sales during 2014, a sales related rebate if you like. I'm thinking should I have used the minus key to indicate a negative value?

  3. Peter Connor January 12, 2015
    Ah, I'm not to sure Brendan. I've passed it up the chain, we'll be back before the day is out. Pete
  4. Okay cheers.

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john_bullet Staff January 12, 2015

Hi Brendan,
If you haven’t assigned the credit note to an invoice, it doesn’t affect the amount due in the Invoices overview page.  When you assign the credit note to an invoice (or invoices), you will see the amount due decrease by the amount of the credit note applied.
If you’re looking for the sales related rebate, you would still record it as a credit note, but instead of applying it to an invoice, you can record the value as refunded.

  1. Thanks John, I recorded it as a refund and the balance is now correct.

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