Can I Delete Money Out My Money In Figures?

Q: Can I Delete Money Out My Money In Figures? 

Hi wondering if & how I can delete “money in & money out” figures please?

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Peter Connor Staff April 28, 2014

Hi Sinead,

You can delete anything in Bullet, if for example you delete or edit an invoice that has already been paid we’ll automatically create a credit for you and mark it in your accounts. (It’s the correct way to edit/delete stuff)

We’ll make you stop and think about what you’re deleting should it be an item you’ve already paid tax on, but that just to make sure you’re sure, also also automatically rectify that in your next tax payment.

On each item you should see an ‘Edit’ button and beside that is delete. If you have a specific example you’d like me to look at I’d be happy to make you a quick animation.

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  1. Great thank you :)
  2. Is it possible to delete all figures inputed for "money in" from 18th Jan 2013 - 29th Aug 2012?
  3. A quicker way than having to delete one by one if possible? :)
  4. Peter Connor April 29, 2014

    I'm afraid there isn't they will roll into different tax dates and because of that we don't allow bulk deleting, we did and it lead to terrible problems. Remember to make your life easy by automating accounts, when you add/edit/delete something we do a huge amount of calculations in the backend, which all links to your tax and other really really means stuff.

    Sorry Sinsis, we work hard to make things easy for people.

    PS if it's on a bank import you can do a bulk deletion but if you've reconciled it, then you'll have to delete it manually :(

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