How Do I Add Multi User Access In Bullet

Adding multi user access in Bullet has three applications. Firstly it allows you to give restricted or full access rights to employees in your company. Secondly it allows you to invite accountants or bookkeepers to access your accounts and payroll. Thirdly it enables you to easily manage accounts of more than 1 company because now you can be setup as a user for multiple companies.

How to add multi user mode in Bullet free online accounting software

How to add multi user mode in Bullet free online accounting software

Who is this for?

People who run multiple limited companies
People who manage other people’s companies, like an accountant or bookkeeper.
Employers who want to give their staff restricted access, such as not seeing wages.

What can you do?

Give full or restrictive access to 3rd parties like accountants and/or employees if you don’t want them to see wages but do their expenses.

How do I do it?

Simple. Go to ‘My Company’, then ‘Manage Users’, click ‘Add User’, and enter the email address and select access rights of the new users you wish to add. If you’re the main account holder and wish to add a new company simply add the email address associated with that account and we merge the two.


Q: Is there a limit to the users I can add? 
A: No, you can add as many as you like.

Q: What if I’m using the same email on different companies? 
A: That’s no problem, Bullet knows the rights for each.

Q: Is this what you do to setup multi company mode? 
A: Yep, you can click here to learn more about multi company mode.

Q: What if I want to change access rights? 
A: Just click, ‘My Company’, ‘Manage Users’, select the user and click ‘Edit’, they won’t get notified.

Q: What happens when I add a user, how do they find out? 
A: The user gets an email from Bullet telling them you’ve given them access to your company. They click the link, create a password and simply login. If they have multiple accounts with Bullet, your company just gets added to that list.

Q: What happens if they are an accountant and have lots of companies on Bullet? 
A: No problem. They can access all their companies from a list, and switch from company to company from within Bullet.

Q: Is there a cost for Multi User? 
A: Not yet. While we’re in beta it’s free but we will charge the company who owns the account a flat fee of €4.99 per month for unlimited users and a 30 day free trial

Q: Are users the same as employees? 
A: Yes and no. So, employees work for the company, and users just have access to the companys accounts. When you add employees they don’t become users of Bullet, but you can give them access to Bullet as a user if you want them to do their expenses or if they’re doing your books.

Q: Can I delete a user once I’ve added them? 
A: No, we don’t let you delete them for audit purposes. But, you can disable them which is like deleting them, they don’t get notified.

Q: I still have some questions? 
A: Great, just click ask a question above or simple ask in the comments below.

  1. Hoolux July 2, 2014
    I added a user. The user received the invitation email but there was not link there at all for him to login or setup a login. What is the process once they receive the invitation email?
  2. Peter Connor July 2, 2014

    If the user already has an account setup on Bullet they just need to login as normal and Bullet will ask them what company do they want to work in. They will just receive an email to say that they have been added to the new company.

    If they don't have an account in Bullet, then we'll ask them to create one and bring them through that process.

    It sounds like the user in questions already has an account.

  3. Hoolux July 2, 2014
    thanks a lot. It's sorted now :)
  4. Peter Connor July 2, 2014
    That's cause we're amazing.

    Now you go be amazing!


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