Email Server Settings In Online Invoices

I’m trying to send invoices from an email address different to that of my login (e.g accounts@)
I’m using GApps, but struggling with the settings, I’ve tried the suggest smtp/smtps/imap but no joy. Any ideas on how to edit the email server settings in online invoices?

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Peter Connor Staff March 12, 2014

Hi Barry,
Are you getting an error message, what exactly is happening?

  1. barryhand March 12, 2014
    No error, settings save fine but email invoice is not generating with the settings i.e still coming from my login email address.
  2. Peter Connor March 12, 2014
    Ok, I'll get louise to have a look at that for you. Just to confirm the invoices are still be sent just from your 'account' email?
  3. barryhand March 12, 2014
    Yeah - all fine on invoices sending, just not through the email server settings.
  4. Peter Connor March 12, 2014
    Perfect. Cool, I'll get Lou to have a look now and get back to you asap.


  5. Peter Connor March 12, 2014
    Hi Barry,

    Indeed it's a bug in the system. The fix is in tonights update, so it should be working for you tomorrow after 12am tonight.

    Sorry about that. I'll leave this ticket open till then.

  6. barryhand March 12, 2014
    Cool, no drama. I'll give it a test tomorrow.
  7. Peter Connor March 13, 2014
    Hi Barry,

    Let me know how you get on today.

barryhand March 13, 2014

Bingo bango. All working as expected. Cheers lads. For anyone else, I’m using the following

  1. Peter Connor March 13, 2014
    Thanks for sharing that Barry.

  2. domahoney July 1, 2014
    Hi Pete, I'm facing the same issue - mail is being sent from the Bullet login address rather than from the mail settings I have added. My outgoing mail server uses smtp, port 25.
    Any idea's?

  3. Peter Connor July 1, 2014
    Hi Darren,

    Did you follow the steps above?

  4. domahoney July 1, 2014
    Yes, followed the above, but my mail server settings are different - it's smtp and port 25. After entering my mail server settings, I get the following when sending a test mail - "Success!
    Your Email settings look good, check your inbox for the test email." - But the mail comes from my bullet login address.
  5. Peter Connor July 1, 2014
    Hi D,

    I'll get Johnny to have a look at this, I've removed the above post as this is a public forum.

    Will get back to you today on it.


  6. Peter Connor July 2, 2014
    Hi D,

    It works, and we’ve double checked it before, so you've probably entered the wrong details. There’s a button ‘Send Test Email’ button on that page that will let you test your settings also.

    Thanks Pete

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