Filing Bullet-generated VAT3 file

Filing Bullet-generated VAT3 file – Free Online Small Business Accounting Software Questions & Answers

Hi there,

I’ll need to file my first VAT3 form on ROS in a couple of weeks and I just wanted to be sure I do it correctly. So I’m guessing that once I generate the ROS file in Bullet I then upload that via the
“Upload Form(s) Completed Off-line”

section on my ROS home-page.

It seems obvious but I don’t want to mess it up.

Thanks a million.

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Brendan_Brady Community Accountant - Brady Associates August 31, 2015

Hi there
Yes  that’s correct. You’t won’t be able to make a mistake uploading the return because ROS will prompt you with an error message if it’s not done correctly. The main thing from your perspective is that your happy with the balances on the VAT return. 
Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. 
Hope this helps.

AYSD September 16, 2015

Apologies for not thanking you for your response until now. I got the response in an email and wasn’t able to log back in here at the time and then it slipped my mind until now. I got it done easily so thanks for your help.

  1. Brendan_Brady September 16, 2015
    Happy to help.

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