got a bill for 62 euro .only paid do i enter this in add bill please

got a bill for 62 euro .only paid do i enter this in add bill please

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Peter Connor Staff August 14, 2016

Create the bill for 62. Record payment for 44. Create a credit note for 18 and assign it to the bill

  1. eclintonsky August 14, 2016
    Thank you
  2. eclintonsky August 14, 2016
    Just trying to do this now.I have created the bill for 62 in unit price box.How do you record a payment of 44? facility
  3. eclintonsky August 14, 2016
    i could enter the bill and in have you paid it yet mark yes and then issue the credit??
  4. eclintonsky August 14, 2016
    i will wait
  5. Peter Connor August 14, 2016
    You need to create the bill. Then make a payment against that Bill. Then click on the same bill and issue the credit note the link is on the right. They're all separate workflows.
    Tks P
  6. eclintonsky August 14, 2016
    I seem to be missing something here.On this system you enter the data into "I got a bill".Then you enter the amount of the bill €62 you cannot enter €44 which is the amount i am paying.There is only room for one figure.Not sure what you mean "create a bill" i would need to go back in to see is that facility there and can i enter the bill for €62 in one box and the payment of €44 against it in some other box.I thought i was in the right section.
    Re the credit note i know there is a section for credit notes.Now you are saying to click on the actual bill to issue it.I will look into that later.Thanks anyway for getting back
  7. Peter Connor August 14, 2016
    Sorry those instructions were for a invoice credit note, the bill is the same workflow. I made a recording for you here.



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