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Peter Connor Staff October 7, 2016

Is the tax return done?

  1. digitalbusinj October 7, 2016
    as stated - yes :)
  2. Peter Connor October 7, 2016
    Then you'll have to contact your accountant.
    You'll need to resubmit a manual Vat adjustment.
    Use the double entry system to make those amendments in Bullet.
    He/She might suggest otherwise though. So good to talk to them.
    It's a pain though. The government mainly wants the correct Vat paid. Not too concerned when.
  3. digitalbusinj October 7, 2016
    but I just need to delete the bill as it is a duplicate
  4. digitalbusinj October 7, 2016
    the VAT wasn't claimed twice
  5. Peter Connor October 7, 2016
    Bullet won't know it's a duplicate and will have added the vat twice to the return.
    If you happy with it then do the following.
    Just click tax, the vat return in question and click 'unpaid'. (Remember the date of payment and back account)
    Make your edits to the bill and then click paid.
    That's it.
  6. digitalbusinj October 7, 2016
  7. digitalbusinj October 7, 2016

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