How Do I Confirm Receipts App Has Uploaded Receipts Into Bullets Business Accounting Online?

Q: How Do I Confirm Receipts App Has Uploaded Receipts Into Bullets Business Accounting Online?

How do i confirm receipts uploaded on app are in system?

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Peter Connor Staff July 15, 2014

It’s instant. You’ll see them in Money Out > Receipts.

  1. Not so. I'm sent to an App Store link for the app. Still can't see receipts at all.
  2. Peter Connor July 15, 2014
    So did you download the app to your iphone?
  3. well, yes, of course I have the App on my phone for several months now, but only getting around to the feckin accounts now. What's happening is that when I go into the Bullet system on the computer and go to Receipts as you've suggested, it then sends me to a full screen advertising the App. I have the App. What I need to know is if it's working, and that's not possible for me at present.
  4. Peter Connor July 15, 2014
    Are you getting an error message when you upload a photo?
  5. hi Peter, no, not at all. It's telling me it's gone through.
    But when I did as you suggested and checked to see if receipts were uploaded, when I clicked on "receipts" Bullet sent me directly to a page advertising the App. And nothing else. I have been using the App but have no way of finding out if the receipts are actually being uploaded. I have to assume they are not.
  6. Peter Connor July 15, 2014

    Can you give me the email address that the account is setup under and we'll have a look.


  7. Peter Connor July 16, 2014
    Cool well have a look at that for you. P
  8. Louise Miller July 16, 2014

    From the mobile app, when you choose "Upload All" - you should have gotten a popup asking "Who are you? Tell us who you are on the Settings screen so we know who to record the expenses against"

    Did you get this message? It means that you need to set yourself up as an employee on Bullet - it looks like you haven't done that yet. Go onto Bullet , Wages->Add an Employee to do this.

    After you've done that, go back to the mobile app and go to Settings screen, It should show you an employee in the list now ( click the refresh icon if it doesn't )

    Once you selected the employee, try uploading a receipt again. Then go to back to Bullet and see if it there.


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