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Peter Connor Staff October 6, 2015

Hi Ben.  On the invoice overview page, click on the invoice you want to delete.  Then scroll down to the bottom, and click on the delete link.  You will be asked to confirm the deletion of the invoice.

  1. oh cool, there's that edit button :) thanks
  2. btw this chat is awesome
  3. Peter Connor October 6, 2015
    Glad you like it :)
  4. Hey John, reading through some docs available in forum, so does app generate CT1 and reminds when VAT is due? do I need to activate this somehow or add an app. maybe there is more detail document to learn more about app
  5. Peter Connor October 6, 2015
    Hi Ben. We don't do the CR1 but all your management reports fry created for it.
    We do all your VAT3 returns automatically. So you can just upload the.
    Same with P35 and P35l if your using payroll.
  6. Peter Connor October 6, 2015
    Just play with the app isn't design for zero learning.
  7. Hey Pete, Thanks. Also I think i registered as Sole trader and now I'm limited company, does it mean I have to create new account and specify that I'm Limited Company registered for VAT?
  8. Peter Connor October 6, 2015
    Hi Ben. Yep. They're to completely sep type of accounts.
    If you click add new company in the top menu, select limited and vat. Then you'll be able to jump between them both.
  9. awesome, thanks
  10. Peter Connor October 6, 2015
    Cool. Enjoy new updates every couple of weeks.
  11. For whatever reason I don't see any arror beside company name, am I missing something?
  12. Peter Connor October 6, 2015
    What do you mean. Can you take a screen grab
  13. Peter Connor October 6, 2015
    Ah sorry. It only works if your a company.
    A way around is to add your company separate. Then add multi user app to the sole trader company and add the email you used to setup your company.
    You'll be able to jump them then.
  14. ok, thanks, will do that
  15. Peter Connor October 6, 2015
    Cool. P

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