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Peter Connor Staff March 10, 2014

Hi Tom,
Simply click on My Company>Bank Accounts>Import a Statement and then select your CSV file. I’ve made a movie for you below. 
Hope that helps Pete

How To Import A Bank CSV Into Bullet Free Online Accounts
  1. Tomsmyth March 10, 2014
    Hi Peter, maybe I wasn't clear enough, when I try import it gives me an error saying that Invalid Header. Is there a specific labeling I should be using.
  2. Peter Connor March 10, 2014
    Ah, sorry Tom. I missed that.

    I've just forwarded your mail to our tech department. I'll get them to have a look. Just some questions first.

    What Bank are you importing from?
    What type of account (business, credit card etc)?

  3. Tomsmyth March 12, 2014
    Its an AIB data extract into excel, I wast sure if you needed the columns labeled a particular way.
  4. Peter Connor March 12, 2014
    Hi Tom,

    That's perfect - I'll get John from our tech dept to have a look at this for you. Can you send the excel file to peter at bullethq.com pls so we can make sure it's all fine.

  5. Peter Connor March 14, 2014
    Hi Tom,

    Can you send that csv file to me please we need to see the header. You can send it to peter at bullethq.com


  6. Zconcept March 15, 2014
    Hi Peter,
    I seem to have the exact same problem here. Worked before, but whatever I do I can't seem to upload the CSV from AIB IBB for the Visa card anymore. Also copy paste job from AIB site (no download option), put it in CSV etc etc. Same error message. Any solution to this yet?

    Thanks a million,
  7. john_bullet March 15, 2014
    When you create your own CSV file for upload, remember to select 'Other...' as the bank account from the dropdown. You get shown instructions on the format required, and there's a link to an example CSV file that you can use to help create your own. If you think you have done this, then email the CSV file to me: john (at) bullethq.com
Tomsmyth March 10, 2014

Should there be sound? 

  1. Peter Connor March 10, 2014
    Hi Tom,

    No it's just an animated Gif - the view better on mobile and download quicker so we use them, but use the term Movie cause people understand that concept better.

    Is the clip not clear to you?


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