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Peter Connor Staff February 25, 2014

Hi Paul, The email that the invoices get sent out on is the email address associated with your Bullet Accounts account. So if you signed up with paul@inc.com then the invoices will get sent out on paul@inc.com. You can change email settings, like POP and also the notes that get sent with the invoices, see below.  Hope that helps.  Invoice Email Preference

Free Invoice Email Preference

Invoice Email Preference

  Online Invoice Details
Online Invoice Details

Online Invoice Details


  1. paulmccarthy April 15, 2014
    I wanted to put an email address on the actual invoice so if it is printed out, the email address is on it. thanks.
Peter Connor Staff April 16, 2014

Hi Paul,
That’s pretty easy, just go to My Company > Company Details and click Edit. Then just add the text Email:name@email.com and it will appear on your invoices beside the email address. See the infographic below.


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