How to apply VAT to active, non-VAT invoices

I think I am about to run into an issue in regards to VAT. I have just registered for VAT so will have an active VAT date from June 1st (according to my accountant).
However I have a couple of outstanding invoices that were sent out that are still not paid. My understanding is that because they will be paid after the June 1st date that VAT should be paid on them. However there is no VAT applied on the invoices at present. Will there be a way for me to correct the invoice once it has been paid to take into account the newly set up VAT?

  1. funzeye July 9, 2016
    any thoughts on this?

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Mariana Yarosh Staff September 24, 2019


If you’re a customer of Bullet just click the (?) in the dashboard for instant free support. If you’re not getting instant support window you need to turn on JavaScript in your browser. 

I’m not sure I understand you right, correct me please if I got your question wrongly:

You’ll be able to edit the invoice after you mark it as paid. What exactly are you trying to change in your invoice?


  1. hi, sorry this question is REALLY old. I think the issue was I had already sent out my invoices to my customers - so I didn't want to edit the invoices and send them out a new invoice for a larger amount. Cant even remember how I fixed it in the end. But it's all good now.

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