i am running my first payroll and have a couple of questions?

i am running my first payroll and have a couple of questions?

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Peter Connor Staff February 13, 2016

Shoot – I love questions.

  1. robbiefranki February 13, 2016
    i have piad a wage to one staff member so far, the wage was for january, does the tax calculated from the p2c file take this into account as there doesn't appear to be a date range for payroll period on therapy roll software?
  2. Peter Connor February 13, 2016
    Did you add the P2C file before creating the wage?
  3. robbiefranki February 13, 2016
  4. Peter Connor February 13, 2016
    So all employees were setup using the P2C file?
  5. robbiefranki February 13, 2016
  6. Peter Connor February 13, 2016
    Cool well then everything is setup correct. Taxes fluctuate due to caps and allowance, this can give the impression there is an error. There never is esp if you use the P2C file :)
    What do you mean by this? "there doesn't appear to be a date range for payroll period on therapy roll software"
  7. robbiefranki February 13, 2016
    i just put in the value of pay and the tax was calculated but the pay is for janurary and i'm doing the pay roll in Feb?
  8. robbiefranki February 13, 2016
    doesn't appear to have a date value to be entered?
  9. robbiefranki February 13, 2016
    does this matter?
  10. Peter Connor February 13, 2016
    Sorry Robbie, I don't understand what you mean by date value entered?
    You should run your payroll every month. You can remove/reduce the expenses month to month to let them carry over.
    If you're doing anything wrong Bullet will stop you or give you an error.
    Just follow the workflow and create your payslip this will:
    Handle your tax calc
    Handle your tax returns
    Handle all the budget stuff, limits etc
    Handle all expenses
    Handle all the accounting updates for your books
    Then go into your bank account and transfer that exact amount of money.
    Every couple of months a P35 will appear in your todo, simply download & upload that it too ROS. At the end of the year we'll generate your P35L. We also generate all your P60's & P45's.
    That's it.
  11. robbiefranki February 13, 2016
    for the date value, i mean the pay roll is for january, and their january tax credits, currently i have entered the date of pay as todays date? should this be set to 31st of Jan for example or does this have any affect on tax credits? or P30 returns etc....
  12. robbiefranki February 13, 2016
    also for employers pros contribution for revenue???
  13. robbiefranki February 13, 2016
    sorry prsi contributions?
  14. Peter Connor February 13, 2016
    No that doesn't matter, some people pay themselves on the 22, 23, 24, 25 etc. Just don't run two payrolls in the one month - but Bullet will stop you anyway.
    If you're allowed to do it then it's ok.
    What makes Bullet unique is we've the accounting logic built into the workflows, so you don't have think :)
    Hope that helps Robbie
  15. robbiefranki February 13, 2016
    that's perfect thank you, one last question, i have to add an employee manually as she wasn't included in the p2c file from revenue, she will be on emergency tax as after speaking to revenue she is still technically employed elsewhere and tax credits haven't transferred, i presume this will correct itself when i download an updated p2c file?
  16. Peter Connor February 13, 2016
    Ok so the easiest thing to do is just add her to the P2C file, revenue do this pretty quick.
    Just send her name, address and PPS number and they'll update the file. We really push people away from manual entries.
  17. robbiefranki February 13, 2016
    spoke to revenue this morning and they suggested adding her to my payroll system without inputting any tax details as she would be on emergency tax any way and the tax would refund the following payroll???
  18. Peter Connor February 13, 2016
    Hmm. I'm going to pass this call to John. He'll better answer it for you. There isn't a problem adding a person manually, and the emergency tax is taken care of but we'd always advice P2C.
    I've just assigned that to John. He's on a number of calls so will be back to you later in the day.
    Thanks Robbie.
  19. robbiefranki February 13, 2016
    no worries thank you, and one final question i promise, in terms of paying employees and employers prsi to revenue is there a report i can export showing the values etc. that need to be paid?
  20. Peter Connor February 13, 2016
    You can find all your tax info in Tax section,
  21. robbiefranki February 13, 2016
    thank you, it's all starting to make sense now
  22. Peter Connor February 13, 2016
  23. Peter Connor February 13, 2016
    Hi Robbie,
    The system will automatically calculate the tax refund when you input the P2C file and process the next payroll, so you can pay the employee with no tax details at the moment (we'll automatically use the emergency tax basis for anyone with no tax details in the system), and then next pay period it will use the tax details from the P2C file.

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