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Hello all,
i just started my business in Ireland and since the community here is great I thought I might ask you this: any advice on how to send invoice inside the EU? 
What I know so far is that I do need to put my VAT number in the invoice but I should not put the VAT over the price, I should then reverse charge myself of the VAT. I have a few questions tho:
– as a startup in Ireland I could operate without a VAT number to start, but I assume I need that to operate inside the EU, right?
– How do I do that in Bullet? 
– Do you know if I need to register for Intrastat somewhere? Does Bullet support this kind of EU reports?
Cheers 🙂

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Brendan_Brady Community Accountant - Brady Associates February 14, 2016

Hi Andre
you also need to get the Vat number of your customer and quote that on the invoice. After thr customer sends you their Vat number you should validate it here
If the vat number checks out you put these 4 deatils on your invoice
1. Your vat number
2. Your customers vat number
3. A note on the invoice stating “Vat to be accounted for on a reverse charge basis”
4. Vat rate of 0% on your invoice
hope this helps. 

  1. andre.vellori February 17, 2016
    thank you Brendan!
  2. Brendan_Brady February 17, 2016
    Happy to help.
  3. andre.vellori May 4, 2016
    So Brendan, just checking... no self-billing necessary for VAT, right?

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