Making Dollar Transactions Much Simpler In Bullets Multi Currency Accounting Software

Q: Making Dollar Transactions Much Simpler In Bullets Multi Currency Accounting Software?

Looking at my credit card statement (AIB), I have mostly US $ transactions. I know what the $ amount is, and I know the € amount that I’ve been charged. Why can’t I just enter those value manually?
Instead, this is the dance I have to go through.

  • Enter the $ amount
  • Type in the transaction exchange rate from my statement into a calculator and do 1/exchange rate to get the inverse
  • Put this inverse rate into Bullet so it can calculate the € amount (which I already know)
  • Inevitably, the € amount charged and the € amount that Bullet calculates differ (sometimes by a few cent, sometimes a few euro). It’s probably because the exchange rate listed is slightly wrong so I have to go back and manually calculate the real exchange rate and try again.

Please make this process 10x simpler: just let us enter the Euro and $ amounts.

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Peter Connor Staff July 22, 2014

Thanks for the feedback here are some answers.
– Different banks display this information differently so the information you get might be different to others, we tried a lot of user test cases, this solution worked best for all, but probably worse for some.
– Transfer Fees have to be accounted for as a bill (by Revenue), some banks exclude them from the total which would mean you scenario might work but some include them making it not work (ie a different rate)
– One of Bullets goals is to make you compliant, Revenue won’t let you auto adjust above a Euro (sadly) as the banks can vary items all the time, including Revenue it’s sell. 
So we built a solution that works as best we could from the test cases we had, as always live data is the real test. As explained our hand is tied due to the way some banks deliver their data, but I’ve taken your feedback and added it our weekly UI review. We probably won’t act on it till we have a good few live cases, that work for everyone.
But thanks for taking the time to give us your feedback, we’re always looking to improve Bullet. If the banks we’re smarter you wouldn’t need to do any Money Out data entry!


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