PAYE Modernisation

I know Bullet is currently working on PAYE modernisation. But I have a payroll to complete next week. Can you give me an idea of when/how the new payroll system will work? Also what happens if the new Bullet tools aren’t available in time for my payroll? Can I use the old P30 system still?
I love your software – but it would be helpful if there was a bit more information re PAYE modernisation, etc.

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Mariana Yarosh Staff April 25, 2019

Sorry for long coming back. That’s done now:)
If you’re a customer of Bullet just click the (?) in the dashboard for instant free support. If you’re not getting instant support window you need to turn on JavaScript in your browser.
Here is our simple FAQ around payroll with super quick how-to videos to get you started.
Click This:
Hope that helps


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