Some Questions About Bullet Accounts

Thanks for your email, Peter. I went to college with John and I’ve been tracking Bullet developments for the last while. I’ve been meaning to sign up for a while now but as ever, life kept getting in the way.

I plan to populate my account with Jan/Feb data over the coming weeks and I will then be comparing the outputs against what my (expensive) accountants tell me re vat, p30, payslips etc. But so far, so good. Your numbers align to what I would expect. A great start!

I haven’t tried the expenses module yet but I do know what a pain in the ass they are to do using my accountant’s system, so Bullet’s capabilities here could be more than enough to justify the small monthly fee.

I will be very interested to see what you do with the invoice module over the coming weeks – On the forum, I think you mentioned a new version going live soon. A few comments at this point:

  • The current capability is very basic and the outputs don’t look very appealing – Given this is the main document sent to clients, it reflects badly on my business right now.
  • The bullethq footer is something I’d need to see dropped when I become a paying client.
  • An ability to upload additional attachments / content for inclusion in the invoice would be great. (e.g. I use a separate time tracking app that generates reports for my clients at the end of month in PDF format, and I need to include these in my invoices).
  • An ability to add a free-text comment / note onto the invoice would be great.

I am sure this invoicing module was part of your MVP and will improve over time – so I’m happy to stick with it for now.

Overall, I really like the product and I hope to be a long-term client. I wish you all the best of luck with it.



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Peter Connor Staff March 4, 2014

Hi Sam,
Thanks for coming back. I hope been in college with John was a pleasant experience 🙂
Our system is pretty heavily tested. We get some new members who complain about irregularities in numbers but it tends to be from the other side!
Bullet hoover’s up expenses, did you download our iphone app. If you’re looking to legitimately reduce your tax bill then focus on mileage, we fully integrate with google maps, and route the expenses via your payroll, cap’s and taxes all done. We’ll also be sucking in the meetings from your calendar and converting them to mileage claims. 
To answer your points.
Invoicing – Yep the invoicing is getting a facelift and will be brought online. Once online we can start getting smarter with the dynamics.
Look & Feel – We’ll look to improve the look of the invoice, we focused on a simple clean invoice that ticks all your compliance boxes (most invoices don’t – so you’re not protected). We’ll also look to make it a little more customisable. 
Bullet Branding – Our accounts and invoicing product is 100% free with no caps, you just pay for payroll. But adding that option is in the pipeline. 
Uploading Attachments – Yep, that and been able to embed your website upsell pages is included in the new build. I’ve attached a mock for you. 
Free Text Comments – They’re already there you can have private comments or client comments see the gif below.
MVP – Ha, well its a bit more than an MVP I’d hope to think a big part of the app. But, we’re really working hard to make Bullet more than just an accounting app. This year we’re going to focus on Value and BI for the SME market. It was a big product to build, but we wanted to get the core product write, before we stuck on some lipstick. 
Thanks for your feedback Sam, and I’m glad you like it. It’s a fully double entry accounting system with integrated payroll, so quite a beast. We built it from the ground up with the user in mind, I think it’s starting to pay off. 



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