Startup: Have to buy hardware/services but I’m still waiting for my VAT/bank account.

Waiting for my VAT/bank account – Free Online Small Business Accounting Software Questions & Answers

I’m starting a business so I registered the company, requested a bank account and submitted form to get my VAT number/corporation tax.
Thing is: I’d like to start working and I need some hardware.
What are the steps to buy hardware/software/service using my debit card, and then be able to account those invoice (and, maybe, recover paid VAT/expenses)?

Any help for this is greatly appreciated!


  1. Peter Connor February 17, 2016
    Hi Andre are you a sole trader or limited business?
  2. andre.vellori February 17, 2016
    Hello Peter,
    thanks for writing me back.
    It's an Irish limited business... thanks!

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Peter Connor Staff February 17, 2016

So the best steps are to do the following. 
1. Read our guide on the next steps once you’ve setup your small business
2. Register with ROS – Revenue Online.
3. Contact Revenue and let them know you’re an employee of the company (details in our setup guide).
4. They’ll create a file for you called the P2C file, import this into Bullet viea Wages > Import P2C file. Don’t try and add yourself manually. The P2C file makes sure everything is done right. Only takes 2 seconds to import. 
5. Then simply add your expenses in Money Out / Add Bill or Expense.
6. Select yourself as the payee of the bill. 
7. Bullet does all the books, calcs, taxes, updates the management reports etc and passes that information to your payroll.
8. Then simply pay yourself to reimburse your expenses that the company owes you. If you’re not taking a wage, simply leave that blank. You’ll see the expenses fields are populated with the Bills/Expenses you’ve entered. 
You can do the same with Subsistence and Mileage. This way you can use your debit card while you’re waiting a 1,000 years for your company credit card. 
Hope that helps. 


  1. andre.vellori February 17, 2016
    Thanks Peter, that's extremely useful.
    However there are few things I've to sort out:
    - I already followed the setup steps, however it takes time to get an answer back from Revenue
    - I (think) I can't register myself as employee of my company because I already have a permanent full time job
    - Any other way to achieve both:
    - get back money in my pocket from the company
    - account those invoice for company and pay less taxes :)

    Thank you a lot
  2. Peter Connor February 17, 2016

    - Revenue should be back to you pretty quick, you just mail them.
    - That doesn't sound right you can have multiple jobs right.
    - You can still account for purchases and just wait'll you're set-up as an employee before marking as paid.

    Hope that helps

  3. andre.vellori February 17, 2016
  4. andre.vellori February 24, 2016
    Update on this: I still couldn't register as an employee because I'm missing the company PPSN, which is somewhat needed to register as employee to it.

    The bank was quicker so now I have a the company business debit card, and my question is: can I use it for some expenses, example to buy a flight for business reason?

    How does that works? Do I have to request an invoice to the company (but I'm still missing the VAT number), can I just get a receipt and use it?
    Any documents/reference to better understand how am I allowed to use the business debit card, and what documents should I produce for using it?


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