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I’m using SendOwl for online store of digital products, Stripe is used to charge customer and receipt is automatically issued via SendOwl.
Will Bullet HQ recognize these transactions in the connected Stripe account and create paid invoices, subtracting the fees as cash into the business? Or would I have to manually do this to recognize sales revenue?
Thanks, Luke

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Peter Connor Staff June 26, 2017

Hi Luke,
So if you use Bullet to send invoice and Stripe to pay for those invoices we’ll reconcile everything, fees, amounts, tax etc. 
But we don’t suck in your Stipe data from other systems, that’s because we’re an accounting product so we need to know other data like tax rates, tax rate breakdown if different on line items etc. 
Sorry about that – we’d love to do it but a lot of systems don’t work too well 🙁
Thanks Pete


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