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I am getting an error uploading a P35L file onto ROS. The Errors that it comes back with is MS08-145XXXXXXXXX where X changes on subsequent attempts.
I have checked the file with a “file format test” at “live level” on the  “ROS developer support” and it passes the file.  The lovely people in ROS are looking into it.  
Alternatively, do I need to fill in it as its just the same. Can I just do a manual on-line form for P35, it should be very simple as there is only one employee. Where do I get the info to fill in the form.

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john_bullet Staff February 18, 2016

Hi there,
The P35L file isn’t very readable unfortunately.  You can get most of the information you need from the payroll reports (under the Wages section) – the Gross to Net Total will have some of the info, but you’d need to look at individual payslips to see thinks like weeks worked at PRSI classes etc.  If you’ve been paying the employee the same amount every week/month, then you could look at the first one and all subsequent PRSI information should be the same.

  1. mccreeryd February 18, 2016
    John the best way to get this information is to produce a P60 file, looks like all the information is it.
Brendan_Brady Community Accountant - Brady Associates February 18, 2016

Alternatively you could open the P35L file in revenue ROS offline application. This will prompt you if there are any errors in the file or if you have omitted any information e.g. BIK etc. Then re-save the P35L file that you have opened in ROS offline and try uploading to ROS online. If you still get an error message when uploading to ROS, take a screengrab and email it to roshelp@revenue.ie.
Hope this helps.

mccreeryd February 18, 2016

Thanks Brendan but having tested it successfully via the live developer tool, I’m totally satisfied that bullet have done their job and created a valid file.
Revenue have come back to me and don’t know what is wrong,
Having attempted to load the information manually I now have a good idea of where the problem is. It looks like its a permission issue on ROS as I have permission to enter data but no permission to sign-off on it. I will try again later when I modify permissions.

  1. Brendan_Brady February 18, 2016
    In that case, you could email the P35 file to your accountant and they could upload it on your behalf. Accountants as registered tax agents with revenue have access to all their clients returns and have full administrator rights. The online deadline is the 23rd so you still have a few days.

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