2015 USC rates for medical card holders

Hi. Last year when I was entering USC rates for medical card holder I left the USC rate2 blank but the system won’t allow me to leave it blank this time. It says I must enter a value. Unfortunately I don’t have a P2C file which would make life easier. Please advise.
Regards, Sam 

  1. Peter Connor January 29, 2015
    Hi Sam,

    Just let me move this up the ranks and I'll get an answer for you.

  2. john_bullet January 30, 2015
    Make sure to blank out Rate 3 and Rate 4 (because they don't apply). Put in the values for Rate 1 and Rate 2. Only enter a value in the rate 1 cut-off points, and leave the other usc cut-off rates blank. That should do it.

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john_bullet Staff January 30, 2015

Hi Sam,
You’ll likely need to click on the ‘Advanced View’ button when entering the tax details – If you’re removing the USC Rate 2 value, then you’d need to leave the USC Rate 1 cut-off fields blank, since there’s no rate 1 cut off if there’s no rate 2 for that person.
I hope that makes sense – let us know if you need any more information.


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