Adding Payment without an Invoice

Some clients don’t require an invoice in order to pay me, and so I don’t send one. 
Is is possible to add a payment without having to generate an invoice?

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Mariana Yarosh Staff September 24, 2019


We use Bullet to do Bullets account and we use Stripe. Just import your bank account transactions in Bank Account, Import Statement (This will be a live feed soon). Then follow the reconciliation workflow, and all Bullet create the missing item ie your stripe payment. It will create an invoice for you, you can call the supplier Stripe or your App name. Here is a quick video I made for you. When stripe fees come in just create a bill  🙂

Also, set up your stripe transfers to be once a week, not each transaction or daily. Once a week is good for cashflow and means you only create 4 invoices a month.



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