Advice to move from trial to full use of Bullet

I’ve been trialling Bullet for some elements of my accounting (e.g. invoicing) but not for everything. What do you advise in terms of getting everything set up so I can use it for all aspects of accounting. For example, how can I account for transactions that will come through the company’s bank account in the coming weeks relating to VAT returns / payroll payments from a previous period.

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Mariana Yarosh Staff September 24, 2019


We use Bullet to do Bullets account and we use Stripe. Just import your bank account transactions in Bank Account, Import Statement (This will be a live feed soon). Then follow the reconciliation workflow, and all Bullet create the missing item ie your stripe payment. It will create an invoice for you, you can call the supplier Stripe or your App name. Here is a quick video I made for you. When stripe fees come in just create a bill  🙂

Hope that answers your question,


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