Set up multiple businesses (same sole trader)

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Is there a way to setup multiple businesses so I can switch between them?
I’d like to see separate income and expenses in the reports not just multiple invoice templates.
Thanks, Jozsef

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Peter Connor Staff December 7, 2015

Limited Company
Sure if you’re a limited company you’ll see a drop down under your company name in the top right nav. You can also add your name to another company using our multi user app. When you login you’ll see both companies listed. 
You can also setup different trading names, in Invoice Settings. 
Sole Trader
If you’re a sole trader you are the company, so you can’t have multi companies unless you can duplicate yourself 🙂
But, you can have different trading names. You can also go into partnerships, solicitors etc would use Partnerships but they’re not that common out of that traditional style business. Bullet doesn’t support Partnerships. 

Thanks Pete

  1. I see, thank you for the detailed response.
    Does that mean that I have no way seeing expenses/income broken down by business?
  2. Peter Connor December 7, 2015
    Are you a sole trader?
  3. Yes I am, so is my Wife and we are set up for joint assessment at Revenue.
    What would your advise to be?
    Would separate accounts not making it difficult at the end of the year?
  4. Peter Connor December 7, 2015
    Do you both work in the business, or are they two separate businesses?
  5. We have separate businesses and more than two.
  6. Peter Connor December 7, 2015
    Sep account will make it easier for your Accountant.

    You need two separate accounts on Bullet. One account for your wife, one for you.

    If you are running more than one business then you can use the Enhanced Invoices to present different brands etc. But, they're all the one business.

    Hope that makes sense. Pete
  7. Yes, we will go with the separate accounts then, thanks.
  8. Peter Connor December 7, 2015
    No problem.

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