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Question: Bullet Charges

I’ve been using Bullet since May, I’m a sole trader and as yet I haven’t been charged for use of your services. I’m now reliant on Bullet for my day to day book keeping and don’t want to lose the service, when will I be charged and what will the rate be? Is there additional services available for a paid service?

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Louise Miller Staff October 7, 2014

Glad to hear that you like Bullet. Bullet is free is use for online invoicing and accounting. 
We only charge for Multi User access – for more info on this : https://www.bullethq.com/community/question/how-do-i-add-multi-user-access-in-bullet/
We will also be turning on charging for Payroll soon, but you will be notified beforehand if you use that feature. 
Hope that helps


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