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Peter Connor Staff October 17, 2015

Hi John,
Sure, you can create invoices for anything. What makes you think you can’t?

  1. Peter Connor October 17, 2015
    Ah. Sorry I see what you mean now.
  2. I just need a description column
  3. Peter Connor October 17, 2015
    Sure you can just use Set Fee in the Item drop down, then rate and qty won't show up.
    We're running an update on the invoice this month that will remove the column titles also, and allow you expand the text.
    Can you upload a sample of an invoice you normally use, were always looking to learn.
    Hope that helps.
  4. I've been using TAS Books 1 since around 2004.
  5. does the job but have a new bit of business and need a new tool
  6. Peter Connor October 17, 2015
    TAS is a great solid product, but I think it's being stuck in a time warp.
    Are you a limited business or sole trader?
  7. Ltd co.
  8. Peter Connor October 17, 2015
    Cool - then you'll love our integrated automated payroll.

    Check out how easy it is to add mileage for example. All integrated into Google maps, that feeds straight into your payroll. Last week we'd a design agency on, the founder was saving about 1,200 in tax by just claiming the mileage she'd being doing.
    We also automate all mid year tax returns, VAT3, P35, P35L's when they're ready you'll get a todo on your dashboard, just download the file and upload it to ROS and you're done! smile

    Have you any questions?
  9. Having a look at everything now. Thanks.
  10. Peter Connor October 17, 2015
    Cool - we'll we're always here to help. We've designed Bullet with all the accounting logic built into our workflows, there's no course or help files it's that simple.
    If you've any Q's you get them answered pretty much straight away here.
    Good luck in the new business John.

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