Entering import duty and VAT into Bullet

Hey Guys,
I recently imported some equipment from China via FedEx and have since received the Duty and Tax invoice. 

Question is, how do I enter this into Bullet? Most of the invoice is VAT to be claimed back, but the invoice is separate the main cost of the product that was paid for a month earlier. So it does not equate exactly to 23% etc. 

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Peter Connor Staff January 6, 2017

Hi, Don’t forget if you’re a customer of Bullet you can click on the (?) and you’ll get instant chat support for free. If when you click on the (?) and you’re brought to this site then you’ve disabled JavaScript in your browser, you’ll need to turn it back on. You can find how to do that by searching your browser in Google.
You’ll have to enter it manually – we don’t have a workflow for duty 🙁
But, this post answers it in detail. Hope that helps. Pete


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