Hi Can I input and calculate back tax and produce p60 with this system?

Hi Can I input and calculate back tax and produce p60 with this system?

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Peter Connor Staff February 15, 2016

Hi can produce P60’s, P45, P30’s, P35Ls. But you’ll have to do the back tax yourself. 
If you haven’t done any tax for say 2015, you can enter all your wages etc and Bullet will work it out. 
But you won’t be able to dip in and dip out – that’s too fringe for our workflows. 
Hope that helps

  1. heathercam February 15, 2016
    how do I enter the wages, produce pay slips and create p60 for 2015?
  2. heathercam February 15, 2016
    do i need to get the payroll app
  3. Peter Connor February 15, 2016
    Yep, it's payroll your running.
  4. heathercam February 15, 2016
    This system looks really great, is it simple to use and can i do all that for 2015 with the app
  5. Peter Connor February 15, 2016
    Great - yep you can do all of it I'll outline the steps you should make. Just give me a sec to write them.
  6. Peter Connor February 15, 2016
    Import your P2C file from ROS - don't enter your own data people make mistakes.
    Run all your expenses (Money Out > Add Bill > Pick Employee as Payer)
    Run all your Payroll Runs (Wages > Employees Name > Create Wage Slip)
    Bullet will produce all your P60's, P45, P30's, P35Ls. Your P30-35l's will appear in your todos when they are ready.
    Upload our returns to ROS and you're done.
    **** Make sure you have everything add to Bullet before you start uploading tax, once you create a return you can undo it.
    Hope that helps.
  7. heathercam February 15, 2016
    this is all new to me, I dont have a P2C file yet, dont even know what it is.
  8. Peter Connor February 15, 2016
    Read the guide we sent you - all the information is in that. Make sure you read it before doing anything around payroll.
    It's all very simple.
    Hope that helps.
  9. heathercam February 15, 2016
  10. heathercam February 15, 2016
    can i change how often i pay a person without needing to input tax credits and usc rates again
  11. Peter Connor February 15, 2016
    Yep. You only enter them once a year via the P2C file.

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