Hi. Do you have any tutorials I can look at? Specifically around reconciling accounts for now? Thanks a million. Mark

Hi. Do you have any tutorials I can look at? Specifically around reconciling accounts for now? Thanks a million. Mark

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Peter Connor Staff November 14, 2015

Hi Mark, 
Thanks For contacting us. 

  1. Peter Connor November 14, 2015
    We don't do tutorials as such. We feel if we've to do video to explain to people how to use our product then our product has failed.
    So if a person has a problem finding something we'll usually update the software, as a result tutorials go out of date very quicks.
    So to get around that we make sure our software is very easy to use, and if you've any questions you get instant support like this.
    Our rec engine is very easy. Simply go to Bank Accounts in the left nav. Click the bank account in question and click Import Statement.
    Bullet will then look for matches, if it can't find a match it will ask you to create a bill or invoice depending. Bullet will auto fill as much information as possible.
    Hope that helps.

  2. Thank you for coming back so quick, Pete. You're right, the software is easy to use, it's great. But, I'm a noob trying to get a handle on doing my own accounts, so it's more a case of not having a clue about double entry accounting and so on. None of which is your problem so I completely understand if you have nothing to offer, but if you did know of a crash course that'd be great. Cheers, M.
  3. Peter Connor November 14, 2015
    Bullet loves noobs.
    So, what make Bullet different from other accounting products is we've built ALLLLLLLLL the accounting logic and rules into our workflows, so you never ever have to learn them.
    Our workflows cover probably 99.9% of all normal business activity. The rest can be done with our Manual Journal Entries.
    So with no knowledge or experience you can use Bullet.
    Bullet will make sure you don't make any mistakes, it will do all your management accounting for your accountant and year end. It will automatically create all your mid year tax returns (VAT & Payroll), and if it needs anything from you it will create a Todo on your dashboard.
    All other accounting products are built for the accountant to sell to their customers. We built a product for the customer.
  4. Yup, and that's why I really, really want to work with Bullet. Actually, as you mention it, it is Manual Journal Entries I'm stuck with right now. I have transfers into my account that I want to treat as Money In, they're historical actually,made before I came to Bullet, so I don't want to reconcile against an invoice. In the Create Manual Journal Entry window I'm stumped. I don't know what all of the required Account fields might be for. This might give you an indication of my noobiness. It might also give you an out to tell me to feck off and get a book on accounting...
  5. Peter Connor November 14, 2015
    If you're not familiar with journal entries then keep away from them. They're just there for book keepers and accountants.
    If it's money in your bank account, you can just create an opening balance.
  6. Cheers, Pete. That helps! Thanks for your time, much appreciated.
  7. Peter Connor November 14, 2015
    No problem, any more Q's let me know.

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