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Just looking for advice to see if I need planning permission to erect a street sign on my new business premises? there have been signs there previously but I do not want to miss a trick

I have checked the fingal co co website but it’s as clear as mud

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Peter Connor Staff October 7, 2015

Hi Paul,
If you talk to the signage company they’ll guide you. There are different rules around size and areas of Beauty. 
To apply you need to show artists illustrations, engineers reports etc. The last time I did it you just stuck the sign up (making guestimates about planning with the signage company) and then when the planners called you’d look for a retro licence. 
So talk to the signage company and take their lead – they do it everyday. 
Hope that helps.

  1. paulrockphysicaltherapy October 8, 2015
    Thanks a million Peter , much appreciated


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