Hi guys, apologies for all the Qs. The tax calendar in your website, how come it doesn’t include my annual returns or corporation tax returns?

Hi guys, apologies for all the Qs. The tax calendar in your website, how come it doesn’t include my annual returns or corporation tax returns?

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Peter Connor Staff February 15, 2016

We just don’t do the annual return. The Irish consumers weren’t ready for it. They still want an accountant to do it so we stopped working on it. 

  1. Ah okay, thats a shame! This software is the next Halo for the accounting industry. So the returns I need to process myself are the annual return and corporation tax return?
  2. Peter Connor February 15, 2016
    Thanks, it's getting there. Hopefully we'll spread like Halo!
    Yep, people just didn't trust software - that was 4 years ago so that might have changed. But, I don't think we'll ever do it. People who've never done it (on boarders) don't know the pain of it as with all our tax returns. So they don't value it.
    That means we do a lot of work and people signing up don't care.
    You'll get companies specialising in it like Turbotax, we'll just plug into them. Or you'll eventually see Revenue looking for machine created ones.
  3. I think with more starts up happening in Ireland then that view of the world will change! Maybe even the ability for people to add tax events to the calendar might be a valuable piece of functionality. IF you track that with the intercom plug in you guys have then you can see how many people use your app to add annual returns or corp tax to your system. I use bullet as my central tax and accounting software so that is how I would see the world.
  4. Peter Connor February 15, 2016
    That makes sense. But, now you know tax you know the pain. When you were starting up I bet you didn't.
    Adding a date kind of means building a whole calendar function, and Revenue send you about a million letters to remind you.
    But we'll keep an eye on it Shane. To be honest we'd rather build value into your day to day usage of Bullet. Somewhat that's been held back with the banks but that will change.
  5. I was a sole trader in September last year and incorporated only in Jan the year and started operating in jan too. So Im still starting up and I am def feeling the pain of understanding the world of tax and what is needed to be filed etc. A different pain no doubt. From my experience of the last few weeks with the revenue I would rather no t relay on them to tell me when my returns are due. I have no idea what is going on in there but its really messed up. Bullet being held back by banks? How so? I believe there is a vacuum of trust the revenue is leaving in its wake that software start ups like Bullet can fill. Maybe Ireland Isn't just ready yet but its getting there.
  6. Peter Connor February 15, 2016
    Read our guide we sent you.
    Only 4 taxes, VAT3, P30, P35l, and end of year. Bullet automates the first 3.
    Just bank data.
  7. Honestly that guide was gold dust. Before that I had to piece the information together and it wasn't easy breaking into that world.
  8. Peter Connor February 15, 2016
    Cool - no need to worry Shane, we automate it all and the workflows are designed so you don't make a mistake. All the accounting logic is built into them.
    Just focus on work Bullet will handle the rest - if you've any Qs we're just here.
Peter Connor Staff February 16, 2016

You can add the corporation tax payment using the “Add One Off Payment” link under the taxes menu.  This is essentially a glorified manual journal entry, so if you’re more familiar with journal entries, you can add one for the corporation tax either.


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