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Peter Connor Staff December 18, 2015


  1. john.byrne December 18, 2015
    Thanks, OK I send 6 invoices on the 28th october via bullet, all to 2 people in the same company. 5 to one person and 1 to another person, I copied myself in them.. the 1 invoice was opened and read , so thats cool. the other 5 were delivered to my e-mail, so thats cool, The person the other 5 were sent to says she didnt get them. So my question is , would your system have recieved a non delivery notification, I just need to know if they hit their server. I hope this makes sense. Thanks
  2. Peter Connor December 18, 2015
    Sure does. So how the email tracker works is we attach a little 1pixel by 1pixel image. When that gets downloaded you've a read receipt.
    Image blockers on web mail clients can block this sometimes.
    "Systems" won't allow us do anything more aggressive as they're protecting the client from hackers.
    Mid you click on the invoices in question and the in the right Mac click on the comments you'll see the delivery history.
    We send 100,000s of invoices a month with no issue.
    So check the comments. Ask them to check there spam filters - but it's rare we get blocked by spam filters.
    Make sense.
  3. Peter Connor December 18, 2015
    Non delivery is a bounce back. If you can mail them we can too.
  4. john.byrne December 18, 2015
    ok, So I didnt get a read reciept fir the invoices, I never seem to from this girl. Im on a windows PC , Where do I see the delivery history, you say in the right mac click on the comments ? not sure I get this .
  5. john.byrne December 18, 2015
    oh I see the comments now, thanks
  6. Peter Connor December 18, 2015
    2 reasons
    Here email client is set not to download invoices images. Then we can't get a read receipt.
    She's lying and ignoring the mail completely.
    Remember if you can mail her, Bullet can mail here.

  7. john.byrne December 18, 2015
    Thanks Pete, Shes Lying. Cheers.
  8. Peter Connor December 18, 2015
    Cool - well that's the idea of the tool. We'll be bring out some smarter tools around Discounting to drive invoices etc.
    Maybe you need to ask her some questions. :)

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