Hi, how are things? I need to upload a document (info sheet for clients) to send along with an invoice, is this possible?

Hi, how are things? I need to upload a document (info sheet for clients) to send along with an invoice, is this possible?

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Peter Connor Staff February 15, 2016

At the moment you can upload an attachment but the client wont be able to see it, it’s for inhouse eyes only.
We’ll be changing that soon. You can download the pdf version of the invoice or you can simply attach the invoice link of the clients view, so you can catch read receipts etc. 
Thanks Pete

  1. 2ndsaturda February 15, 2016
    Hi Pete, cheers thanks. I have just been downloading the invoice and sending it by gmail along with additional attachment. As the invoices are so easy to generate and your site is so user friendly as it is, it hasn't really been an inconvenience at all. But would be nice to do it through the site at some stage.
  2. Peter Connor February 15, 2016
    I hear you. It will be done and when it's done we'll called the Holy 2nd Saturday Dublin day. Think Nelson Mandela & Crunchie Fridays.
    Glad you like Bullet. Do you use our new head image feature? Make your invoices all fancy.
  3. 2ndsaturda February 15, 2016
    Another thing I would like to change if possible is to have the default payment terms as 7 days rather than 30. Is there a simple way to do this through the site? Save me having to change it with each invoice. As I am creating and sending multiple invoices one after another, it easy to forget to change the terms.
  4. 2ndsaturda February 15, 2016
    haha twisters and cans of coke all round! Yeah, i have to say I really do, very handy to use. So much easier than other accounting software that I've used in the past. I spent 2/3 years creating invoices in word so this is a god send. Fair play!
  5. 2ndsaturda February 15, 2016
    Yeah absolutely, have the banner image up the top, looks great!
  6. Peter Connor February 15, 2016
    Good points.
    30 days is the norm that's why it's set to that. No way of setting a default.
    Multiple invoices as in recurring invoices, you know you can set-up recurring invoices in Bullet.
    Word, word come on it's not 1987. Glad you like the banners, I thought they were a great idea. Sorry about the 7days - we're always making the site easier to use, it's a balance of features and no features.
    So I'll add that to the list and if a dart lands on it - you're a winner.

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