Hi Guys. happy New year to you both, Was typing you a mail but justs figured it out lol

Hi Guys. happy New year to you both, Was typing you a mail but justs figured it out lol

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Peter Connor Staff January 9, 2016

Thanks, you too. 

  1. Peter Connor January 9, 2016
    That's my god given gift. It's amazing isn't it.
  2. Haaa :)
  3. Actually! I do need help. My accountant is going through my end of year files and there are a few expenses that weren't added. I tried to add one for a payment of €600 on the 14th April but it is adding tax to it?
  4. Peter Connor January 9, 2016
    Ok so there is some good news and some bad news.
  5. crap
  6. What should I do? I have 3 of them to add but its adding tax to them all or taking it off them so the figures are not correct :(
  7. Peter Connor January 9, 2016
    Bullet will block you adding anything to a tax period that's being closed. This is because adding an item changes you're tax return, but you can override this.
    Do the following
    Go to that tax period in Taxes.
    Click on that tax period and on the right click "mark as unpaid".
    This unlocks the items in that tax period.
    Add your expenses
    That's the easy bit, then you'll need to get your accountant to send in an updated VAT return and modify the data in Bullet to reflect this.
    Have a chat with your accountant, he can make a call on it. Revenue look to make sure you're not defrauding them, that's different to missing something if you know what I mean.
    If they were cash expenses you might be able to add them into this period and simply add a note in the comments. Again you'll need to talk to your accountant.
  8. Could I add them to this year and put a note on them? Would that work for bank rec?
  9. Peter Connor January 9, 2016
    I've actually never done it. It probably won't let you mark it as paid (in that tax period) if it's from the bank rec then it will be already marked as paid.
    If it was cash you could just mark it as paid today, but if it's in your bank account then it's already marked as paid.

    Have you tried it?
  10. no not yet. I'll speak to the accountant and see what he recommends to do. Thanks Pete
  11. Peter Connor January 9, 2016
    Probably best. It doesn't happen to often to people and normally the work around is quick. For us to automate that process is a ton of work, you're submitting different returns etc.
  12. Peter Connor January 9, 2016
    Let me know what he says thought.

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