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Peter Connor Staff October 18, 2015

God damn those clients, How can we help?

  1. info@love October 18, 2015
    Ha I know right, Well I'd like to prepare for the outstanding balance so that we have it €0.00 for the 31st of December of 2014
  2. info@love October 18, 2015
    I have credit notes prepared (as you can see) and I thought these might cancel out the existing invoices
  3. info@love October 18, 2015
    Also - will it do a list of creditors?
  4. Peter Connor October 18, 2015
    Just click on the unpaid invoice and on the right you'll see credit note - so click that and put a note in.
    What that really does is plugs gaps in your numbering etc. So if Revenue come along and say "WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON HERE", there is a deleted invoice you have some explaining to do.
    Credit notes fill that invoice number etc with a credit note.
    Make sense?
  5. info@love October 18, 2015
    Great stuff Pete, that makes a lot of sense!
  6. info@love October 18, 2015
    My bookkeeper loves you by the way, she's very happy with this system altogether!
  7. info@love October 18, 2015
    Fair play!
  8. Peter Connor October 18, 2015
    Course it does. I tell my wife I make sense all the time.
    Great - I love your book keeper.

  9. info@love October 18, 2015
    Legend, thanks!

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