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Hi guys. My main dashboard screen says Trial expired and i can not do anything. I thought i signed up over a week ago to the payroll subscription but i dont want to press the cancel trial button as i do not want to loose my current recordings. Your help is much appreciated. Danny



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Peter Connor Staff July 1, 2015

Hi Danny,
Pete here. The Trial has expired on your payroll app? There is no limit on your accounting app.

Let me know and the email address the account is under and I’ll look it up. 

  1. Phasor July 1, 2015
    Hi Pete

    Thanks for getting back to me so quickly. I think my email address at start up was
  2. Peter Connor July 1, 2015
    I'll have a look for you now. 2min
  3. Peter Connor July 1, 2015
    Hi, you sure it's that email I can't find any account with that address. What address do you use to login with.
  4. Phasor July 1, 2015
    Hi Pete yep as far as i can see that is the email address i was using. I had it saved by the computer so that it just logged in automatically. My company logo comes up and when i click into it i get the trial has expired note and i cant do anything else. Im convinced i signed up for the payroll around a week to 2 ago.
  5. Phasor July 1, 2015
    Hi Pete. I am now able to log in and use some of the functions but the odd time the Trial has expired screen pops up.
  6. Peter Connor July 1, 2015
    Hi Danny,

    Your payroll trial started 2015-05-14 so that's over the 30 days trial.

    Let me know if you need any help with that.

  7. Phasor July 1, 2015
    Thanks Pete.

    If i sign up to the payroll do i receive a confirmation email?

  8. Phasor July 1, 2015
    Hi Pete

    Just signed up again for the payroll. is it possible to check if everything is in order. Sorry for the hassle.
  9. Peter Connor July 1, 2015
    Hi Danny,

    Well you activated the payroll app you'll get something like this

    When the 30 days times out we don't delete the data. I just had a look and everything looks good.

    Do you want me to remove the other company you have Acme?

  10. Phasor July 1, 2015
    Grand I will keep an eye out for that screenshot Pete. Yes if you could remove the Acme company that would be great.

    Thanks for all your help.

  11. Peter Connor July 1, 2015
    Cool - we'll do that today.

    No prob, any time Danny.


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