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Peter Connor Staff October 9, 2015

So you can get to use now by clicking the [?] button in the top nav.

  1. Peter Connor October 9, 2015
    So you've been paid by pay pal in USD?
  2. Scarlet October 9, 2015
    No, the payment was in Euros.
  3. Peter Connor October 9, 2015
    money for work - goes to invoice for work.
    money for paypal fees - goes as bill for paypal fees.
    Do it from the reconciliation though. Don't create two Bill and then match. Match from the amount in the bank import.

    Does that make sense?
  4. Scarlet October 9, 2015
    I think so, but I don't use bank imports I just do everything manually as I go.
    But basically, no need to create a "Paypal" bank account... just record the money in and money out?
  5. Peter Connor October 9, 2015
    No, you'll need to create that pp account. That just takes a sec though. It's a 2nd bank account.
  6. Scarlet October 9, 2015
    Right, OK then I'll do that. Thanks for your help!
  7. Peter Connor October 9, 2015
    No problem.
    If you send him a invoice with Paypal in it, we do all of these automatically :)
    How do you like the new invoices. The T&C's etc like you talked about will be getter better and customisable and also we'll be bringing in features to help you get paid faster.
  8. Scarlet October 9, 2015
    I didn't plan on getting paid that way, bank transfers are free but I had to give Paypal money just for getting paid! Not something I'll ever encourage other clients to use :)
    Loving all the changes you've made, and keep making. It gets better and better!
    All the best,
  9. Peter Connor October 9, 2015
    Great. I know it's so expensive isn't it. Everyone was asking for Stripe/Paypal but the average cost of it is 35 Euro's per transaction.
    The goods news is we're partnering with Fire, and you'll get a free bank account, and transfers for about 60c.
    It will be fully integrated into Bullet too, so all the reconciliation will be fully automated. :) More time for wine O Clock.

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