Hi, I need to switch my company to VAT registered. Is there an option for this or do you guys need to do it?

Hi, I need to switch my company to VAT registered. Is there an option for this or do you guys need to do it?

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Peter Connor Staff November 14, 2015

We can register you for VAT on Bullet. Please provide the following.
1) You VAT number.
2) The date the government registered you for VAT.
3) Your company name.
4) The email you use to manage that company in Bullet.

  1. Yes, Sent
  2. Peter Connor November 14, 2015

    We'll get that migrated for you tonight Russ.

  3. Brilliant, thanks Pete!
  4. Peter Connor November 14, 2015
    No problem - how you finding Bullet so far.
  5. Great so far, not had much to do accountancy wise in general yet. Could see taking over the p30,vat3 from the accountant and doing it through bullet in the future though.
  6. Peter Connor November 14, 2015
    Cool - import your bank account it's the easiest way to make sure everything is ok. The VAT & P30/35ls are fully automated. You just need to upload them into ROS.
  7. yeah i think i was doing it a bit backwards up till now. Entering it all manually as soon as possible with pretty names. Also being gungho as i had one international payment and BOI showed one figure on online banking, then couple of days later it changed to two, the second being a fee of course. Seems better to leave it till the month is over and reconcile?
  8. Peter Connor November 14, 2015
    Well Ideally it's good to do it everyday. Then you get a better snapshot of your business. But, most people do it once a month. We'll automate that too soon.
    Revenue want to see your bank account match your accounts so always easier to work from bank out.
    If you're setting up employees always use the P2C file that Revenue create for you. Bullet can read it and will setup all the tax rules for each employee correctly.

    Then just pay them and we'll automate all the rest
  9. I'll have to talk to my accountant and get the p2c file. See if taking over the ongoing ROS stuff will get me a discount. Thanks for the chat.
  10. Peter Connor November 14, 2015
    You don't need to, this is what you do.

    You setup your account on ROS.
    You contact revenue and give the names, address and PPS numbers of your employees.
    Revenue will mail you saying the file is updated.
    Go to ROS and download the latest file.
    Upload the file to Bullet (Wages>Import P2C)
    and you're done, everyone setup and the correct tax breaks.

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