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Peter Connor Staff December 19, 2015

Hi Eoin. There’s currently no facility to create POs in Bullet. You can use the reference number or record a comment when revising a bill from a supplier to record the reference number though

  1. Hi John
    I’m having trouble logging into my account - tried issuing a new password but the email address is not recognised which is odd as i’ve been using it for months without an issue.
  2. Peter Connor December 19, 2015
    Hi Eoin,
    You're trying to log into the international account. Just click Login and then under the U&P boxes you'll see a link for Ireland.
  3. Thanks Peter,
    Sorry it wasn’t obvious to me but i’ll know for the next time. I was abroad recently but haven’t restarted the machine so it must be still detecting me as being abroad even though i’m in Dublin.
  4. Peter Connor December 19, 2015
    No prob. It's a hard problem for us to solve. Browsers are protecting you, too well.

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