Hi, Is there an email address for querying our invoices or do I ask here?

Hi, Is there an email address for querying our invoices or do I ask here?

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Peter Connor Staff November 14, 2015

Hi Suzanne,
You can ask here. How can I help.


  1. Hi Pete, Up until April this year we paid a monthly multi user subscription but in May the bill increased by an additional €10 for payroll, although we do not use the payroll and it is in fact an outsourced function, then in July our bill increased for 'enhanced' invoicing which I'm not sure who or how we committed to this and what we actually get for it? Would appreciate if you could look in to this please.
  2. Sorry sent to fast. Thanks Suzanne (this was supposed to be at the end) :)
  3. Peter Connor November 14, 2015
    Hi Suzanne,

    That's not problem. Just note we never automatically add apps or increase billing with the user being aware.
    If you send 1 or 1 million invoices nothing more gets billed. We only bill (usually a flat fee) for added apps. The user has to add those apps manually by clicking "add app". So someone must have added the advanced payroll app.
    If you're using our expenses tool then payroll has to be activated as your managing staff, again you'd to add that though.
    I'll have a look for you on dates and who was the user who activated it. But, that's all it's really going to say.
    You can alway remove apps, but just clicking on App's and clicking delete. I'll get back to you Suzanne.
  4. Ok great, would be good to get the data on the expenses tool and that would make more sense. And same for advanced invoicing. Thanks Suzanne
  5. Peter Connor November 14, 2015
    Hi S,
    Actually if you click on the Cog in the top right you'll see Account Details. That gives you a list of all the apps install and when.
    I'll try and find out who. We also mail the bill owner to say an app has been installed.
    But, I'll see if we can find out who activated them.
  6. Ok for the moment I have deleted the payroll as I know this was never used but would be good to know who added it. Also, are you able to check if we use the enhanced invoicing functionality, don't want to delete something we are using! Thanks Suzanne
  7. Peter Connor November 14, 2015
    Hi Suzanne,
    So from our logs we note this, the Enhanced Invoicing was added on 13th May, Payroll added 11th March.
    We also noted that you've turned off your Bullet alerts which is probably why you didn't get notified. I think we suggested you turn them back on.
    I'm not sure what more we can do here S. I hope you turn you're notifications on, you can select which ones you want to receive and delete the apps you don't wish to use.

    Hope that helps

  8. HI Pete, I didn't know I turned any alerts off and not sure what I do to turn them on? Are you able to identify the user that added the payroll and enhanced invoicing and how can I find out what the enhanced invoicing does and if we're using it so I don't cancel something we are using. If you are able to check activity you will see that the payroll was never used and that it was possibly added in error so I would like to request a credit for the payroll app please. Thanks Suzanne
  9. Peter Connor November 14, 2015
    Hi S,
    To turn off the alerts you have to login, and click on the Cog (Settings) and then click Email Settings and you'll see Email Notification Settings there. Everything like that is in the Settings.
    Can't identify the user I'm afraid. But, it would be someone with admin access. You'll find that in the Settings too.
    All the information about apps are in the App Store, main nav on the left. If you want information about when it was added or your billing then click the Settings.
    Is this for company Frockadvisor?
  10. Yes it is for frockadvisor
  11. Peter Connor November 14, 2015
    Payroll and being run for Frockadvisor, there are two employees listed and 11 payrolls payments
  12. Bananas! Someone must have gone in to try it out! Cancelled now anyhow!
  13. Peter Connor November 14, 2015
    Cool we don't and can't do the following.
    Add apps without the consent of the administrator
    Hide the fact that an app has being added
    Hide the fact that the account is being billed
    We also allow the administrator to cancel apps, and re-add them at any time
    All App information is in the App Store
    All Billing, Account, Preference etc information is in the Settings Menu.
    If you look at your User List (again in settings) you'll see all the admins. That's a lot Suzanne, more admins then not. Maybe it might be an idea to reduce the number of people at that level.
    Hope that helps. We're always here if you have any questions. Here is some sunshine on this mizzo day
  14. Yeah, I know ...Someones gone mad adding administrators! Thanks for your help.
  15. Peter Connor November 14, 2015
    No problem :)

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