Hi Pete Just wondering if you have a timeline on the fix for the app upload for invoices? Cheers! David

Hi Pete
Just wondering if you have a timeline on the fix for the app upload for invoices?

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Peter Connor Staff February 10, 2017

Hi David,
We’re working on it at present – we’re currently evaluating a few different options.  In the meantime, you should attach the receipt images using your dropbox/google drive account.

  1. Hi John,
    Thanks for the reply. I’m not going to be using dropbox or google drive. It’s the app or nothing for me, going back to Pete’s described method isn’t a runner, creating more work for me.
    Any ideas on timelines? I’m already 2 months of invoices out of sync.
  2. Peter Connor February 10, 2017
    No definite timelines yet David, but we'd expect our new app (which will include receipt upload) to be available in the iphone and android app stores with 1-2 months.
    In the meantime, you could always enter the expenses and keep the receipts. You could write a reference number on the receipts and enter that as the reference number when creating the bill - making it easier to track in the future.
  3. OK thanks for the reply John and best of luck with the app development and keep us posted when it’s live so I can hop back on it!
  4. Hi John,
    Just prepping for my VAT return on 23 May – can I check if you think the expenses uploader app will be ready before that (if not I’ll just kick to touch uploading receipts into Bullet and do it manually). I just want to know in advance if that’s ok? (You did say 1-2 months) but just seeing if you’re ahead of schedule
  5. Peter Connor February 10, 2017
    Hi David. Pete here, we've got the android app built in Alpha but the app is a very different approach so we'll need to test it properly and we also need to build the iPhone app.
    I would say we're probably looking at 2 month before it hits the App Store.
    Sorry about that, apples bug is out of our control.
    Did you get the note on how to use Dropbox to get your receipts up?
  6. Thanks Pete – good luck then.
    I did the get the note on DropBox and I guess I’ll have to try it but it’s going 4X my time doing the receipt upload, which TBH isn’t optimal (scan each receipt, label each receipt in PDF scanner, upload to dropbox) which is why all my last 3.5 months receipts haven’t gone into Bullet.
  7. Peter Connor February 10, 2017
    You can just connect Dropbox to your camera roll. Use your phone to snap the receipts then add the bills and connect the receipt.
  8. OK thanks Pete – I don’t use DropBox for photos and I’m guessing all my photos are going to go into dropbox if I do? If so that’s not a runner…
  9. Peter Connor February 10, 2017
    Ok well that's that. Well let you know when we're ready are you an android or iPhone user?
  10. I appreciate your help! Thanks.
    Would love a heads up whens he iPhone app is back up and running :)
  11. Peter Connor February 10, 2017
    Cool. Well get you on beta test if your like.
  12. Yes please!
  13. Peter Connor February 10, 2017
  14. Hi guys – just touching base to see if the Apple version of the app is working again?
  15. Peter Connor February 10, 2017
    Hi. It's just in the App Store awaiting approval!
  16. Nice one! Looking forward to getting back to it.

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