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Peter Connor Staff February 20, 2016

Hi I’m afraid note. But you use http://bradyassociates.ie/index.php/services/start-ups they offer a good deal – Let me know how you get on. 

  1. Ok, thanks
  2. Hi, I called them and they charge 200 plus VAT. There are other companies that offer a better price to do this. This one was the lowest... http://www.thestartuphub.ie/.
  3. Peter Connor February 20, 2016
    Ok that sounds like a good price!
  4. Yeah, i engaged this scam startuphub company based on the their advertised promise of a turnaround from the CRO in 3 days as I was in urgent need at the time.
    This was around the 22nd of December 2019. It is now the second week in January 2020 and I STILL do not have the service I paid for.

    It was a DISASTER trying to work with this startuphub.ie business. First it seemed a random person named "Papa" was answering their business correspondence and he told me the name I chose to register was "deemed to similar to other existing companies"... so I checked myself on the CRO and for good measure on patentsoffice.ie. The name I wanted to register was so obscure anyway that I was SURE no one else would have thought of it.

    Sure enough, it wasnt registered by anyone else, it was available on the CRO and this startuphub crowd were amateur hour. So I take screenshots of each of my searches proving that the name was available and emailed them. Mind you, for a service that promises a prompt turnaround, I only hear from them if I sent an email looking for an update. I even offered my mobile number so someone could at least explain, person to person why there was already a 2 week delay on what was supposed to be a 3 day turnaround service!

    Finally, a few days ago, I got sick and tired of waiting and requested a refund, since they hadnt delivered the service they promised.... these scammers had the CHEEK to send me a link to download some documents to fill out and send to the CRO myself! And they lied and backdated the email to look like it was already sent to me back in December, 2 days after I ordered which was impossible because remember, they had already told me my company name could not be registered because the CRO deemed it to similar.

    To add salt to injury, they offered to refund my CRO fee as a "gesture of goodwill"! :/

    Worst experience ever! and now I am filing with the CCPC and also reporting them to the Consumer Protection Bureau and I dont care that it is only €145, i will spend the money on a solicitor to bring their asses to court because I am THAT petty.

    The ironic thing that makes me chuckle in all this is The Start Up Hub is not even registered as a company in Ireland lmao, just as a soletrader. SMH.

  5. paddy is angry June 9, 2022
    Hello Dapo I hope you see this and come back on here. I have engaged with thestartuphub and I am curios did you go any further. I have found the owner of the site.

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