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Peter Connor Staff October 9, 2016

Hi Shay, 
I’m afraid you can’t, it’s not something we can turn off. The whole accounting structure is different. 
You’ve just signed up so you can if you want I can delete this company and then you can create the account again?
Does that work?

  1. shaydempseyga October 9, 2016
    thank you very much . I would really appreciate that .
  2. Peter Connor October 9, 2016
    Cool, so log out now and I'll delete your company.
    You'll need to create a new account. I'll do it at 12.10 today (4mins time) and you can log back in at 12.15
    That ok?
  3. shaydempseyga October 9, 2016
  4. Peter Connor October 9, 2016
    Cool. See you again at 12.15 :)
  5. shaydempseyga October 9, 2016
    Thank you very much.. I am up and running and looking forward to trying this system out.
  6. Peter Connor October 9, 2016

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