How Do I Add Multi Company Accounting To Bullet

Adding multi company accounting and multi company payroll is now available in Bullet’s online accounting software. To be able to access multiple companies from the one account you need to add yourself as a user to the new company, you can learn more by seeing multi user mode.


Who is this for?

People who run multiple limited companies
People who manage other peoples companies, like an accountant or bookkeeper.

What can you do?

Multi Company allows you to have the one login but easily switch between company accounts.

How do I setup a new company with the same email

While you’re logged into Bullet, click on the Arrow beside your company name on the top nav. Select Create New Company, and follow the normal workflow. Once you’ve created your company click on the same Arrow beside your company name and you’ll see the two companies listed there.

How to setup multi company in free online accounting software

How Do I Add Multi Company Accounting To Bullet


Once you’ve access to multi companies when you login you’ll be given the option to pick a company, remember you can still flick between them.

How Do I Add Multi Company Accounting To Bullet

How Do I Add Multi Company Accounting To Bullet

How do I setup a new company with different email address

Simply create a new free account in Bullet like you would normally with a new email address (see below the below FAQ’s for tricks on this). Then you link the companies using multi user mode. So just add yourself as an admin on each company, Bullet remembers the rest. Find out more about multi user mode.


Q: How many companies can I link to? 
A: As many as you want.

Q: Is there a fee for having multi company accounting? 
A: Nope, Bullet online accounting software is free, you can create as many as you like.

Q: What if I already have multiple companies setup using separate bullet logins? 
A: You can link them by using multi user mode which will enable the switch company functionality.

Q: If I use multi company accounting will it keep everything, payroll etc separate? 
A: Yep, everything is 100% separate, tax returns, employees etc.

Q: I’m a Sole Trader will this work for me?
A: Nope, remember you are the company when you operate as a sole trader so unless you’ve a doppelganger you just need the one account.

Q: I trade under different names but all under the one limited company, does this work for me? 
A: No. This is designed for people with multiple limited companies (ie different company numbers). We’ll be introducing invoice profiles in the Autumn.

Q: How do I switch between companies? 
A: Simple, just click the arrow beside your company name and you’ll see all the companies there.

Q: I want to setup multi companies but under the one email address is that possible? 
A: Yep, see above ‘How do I setup a new company with the same email’

Q: I still have some questions? 
A: Great, just click ask a question above or simple ask in the comments below.


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