How do I change currency?

How do I change currency? – Free Online Small Business Accounting Software Questions & Answers

I am based in Germany so my base currency is EURO but my clients are mostly in the US. How do I change the currency for specific clients and/or invoices?

  1. clampdesign March 20, 2016
    I found it. I somehow missed that whole "Advanced Invoice Options" section. I would still like to know if it's possible to set this by client. Since almost all my clients are in the US, it seems silly to have to change the currency on every invoice. Can I set a default and still leave my base currency in euros?

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Peter Connor Staff March 25, 2016

Hi, Sorry for the delay. 
So when you create an account in Bullet you can set a home currency. Then you can bill or receive bills in any currency. Bullet is a full multi currency accounting product right down to the bank account. 
This allows you to have fx back accounts like you having a Dollar account. It also lets you create invoices in Dollar or any other currency as well as bills.
Hope that helps and sorry for the delay. If you’re a customer of Bullet you should use our instant support. Just click on the (?) in our top nav and you’ll get one of the team instantly.


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